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Our Executive Reward Statement System

We have developed a software system that can produce high quality Executive Reward Statements with relative ease. Our ERS System has tremendous flexibility to deal with the plethora of complex incentive plans and pension arrangements seen today, allows the output to be tailored to exactly how you want it and provides total control over the performance scenarios and assumptions used.


Help executives to understand what their packages are worth, how the value is affected by performance, what is driving this change, and when the payments can be realised.


Show a potential executive the total value of the reward package on offer and even compare this against the existing package.


Show the total value of the reward package including outstanding long-term incentives which are yet to vest and which would be lost should the executive leave.


Analyse and communicate the impact of a significant promotion and its effect on the package

Reward Strategy Design

Test different reward strategies and the impact on executives

Changes in Reward Strategy

Communicate the impact of changes in reward strategy to each executive affected