Executive Reward Statements

What are Executive Reward Statements?

Executive Reward Statements are an essential tool to recruit, retain and motivate executives. They provide executives with a single statement pulling together all their reward information into one place to help them to understand:

Our ERS System

Our ERS system produces bespoke Executive Reward Statements with relative ease, showing the executive:

Our ERS System can value all the usual elements of pay and benefits (eg salary, car pension etc) and can also value a wide range of annual incentive plan designs and LTIPs, with various complexities.

Even though our ERS System will cover all the various plans that executives in a company may have, only those applicable to the specific executive are shown on their statement.

Additional uses of our ERS System

In addition to providing Executive Reward Statements, our ERS System can also be used to:

How we work

We can work collaboratively with you in a variety of ways, ranging from providing a fully outsourced service requiring the minimum of resource from you, right through to us just managing our ERS system with you managing all other aspects of the project.

We have experience of producing executive reward statements for large multinational companies and have developed a range of tools and procedures to simplify the data collection processes. We are also able to print and bind statements as well as provide digital copies.

We have our own dedicated, fully wired business IT system, server and processes in place to ensure that the data you provide us with is safe and secure. We are also registered under the Data Protection Act for holding and processing personal and sensitive client data.

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